Junior Zone

Due to the recent spike in the COVID-19 variant, we have decided to cancel the Jr. Sailing luncheon on Saturday, January 29th. We have rescheduled the brunch to Sunday, March 20th so mark your calendars!

We haven't left your children to fend for themselves at MBYC.  Far from it, as many family friendly options are available such as our annual snapper derby, Easter egg hunt, family barbecues, movie nights and even bull riding at our Western Hoe Down!  And there's an extensive array of video game options.

The Spinnaker Program offers children 5-8 years old half-day and full-day programs which include instructional sailing, regattas, swimming, swim team competition, tennis instruction and a variety of other activities.  The program runs from 3 to 8 weeks and starts in late June.  Our fantastic team of counselors, many of whom return year after year, help make these programs a success and provide a safe, fun and adventurous summer for children. 

The Junior Sailing program allows children between 9-18 years old to engage in summer long excitement with sailing instructions, regattas, swim team competition and tennis instruction.  These activities are overseen by staff trained specifically for each of these areas.